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Care Guide


MYC's PVC rugs are truly resistant to stains and maintain their beauty and quality for years to come. Follow our care guide to preserve your  rugs beauty.  View our various cleaning examples and stain product testing results.


Hang over a shower rod or any other straight surface or lay flat on the patio or grass to dry. Smooth out by hand. Do not let dry wrinkled or folded otherwise it will take a a while for the rug to lay flat again.


Vacuum regularly. No beater brush needed or recommended. Either wash in the machine on warm setting with a little laundry detergent or simply hose down with a garden hose.


For stubborn stains, use undiluted bleach, which does not harm the fabric since our rugs are made of 57 % salt and 43 % oil. Just poor a tea spoon of bleach onto the spot, rub in with a polyester brush and rinse.

Repeat as needed or let sit for a few minutes and rinse.

Coffee Stain 1.jpg
Coffee Stain cleaning, using bristlebrus
Coffee Stain  2.jpg
Dab dry 7.jpg
Coffee Stain 5.jpg
Final after following all steps.jpg

Stain Product Testing

Products tested - Copy.jpg

Stain Tested Products

When following the "Care Guide" nearly ALL stains can be cleaned and removed. We have tested our 100% PVC rugs with various stain causing substances like BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Berries, all dark sauces, red wine, and many more!


All of these stains were able to be removed by following the simple instructions of "Care Guide" provided on this page. With proper cleaning and maintenance procedures your MYC rug can last for many years!

Please see our stain experiment results below of just a few samples !

BBQ Sauce

BBQ Stain 2.jpg
BBQ Stain 5 Clean with a final bleach wa


Blueberry Stain and how to clean  Part 1
Blueberry Stain 2 after wash with a litt


Coca Cola Stain and how to clean Step 1.
Coca Cola Stain and how to clean Step 2.


Jello Stain 1.jpg
Jelly Stain 2 after washing with soap an




Ketchup Stain 1.jpg
Jelly Stain 2 after washing with soap an

Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce Stain 3.jpg
Soy Sauce Stain 6.jpg
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