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Why MYC Vinyl?
Our PVC area rugs are FREE of BHP/ Dioxenes / Phalates / Plastizisers which is found in most hard plastic containers which can cause health issues.

The material of our Vinyl, also known as PVC, is made off the same exact material used as embossed wall application on Airplanes, Cruise Ships and in dashboards of Automobiles.Our rugs won't slip on any surface, do not require padding and have a warming effect on stone floors.
Can our rugs be made to order and customized:
Yes. Trade professionals can order custom sizes and colors/patterns by choosing up to 6 colors from over 100 colors & 10 metallic colors.Minimum order of 80 sqft. applies.
How are rugs finished:
We offer machine stitched ends and fringed edgesPlease request samples or photos of both options
What are our vinyl rugs made from:
57% common household salt and 43 % oil, which are infinite resources. Recyclable # 2 in most state run recycling programs.Our vinyl rugs are hypo-allergenic, are fade resistant up to 10,000 full sun hours, and mildew resistant, safe for your babies nursery, your kitty or doggy and for every room indoors and outdoors and on yachts.
How long do our PVC area rugs last:
Our vinyl area rugs and runners can last 10 + years if cleaned regularly by either washing them off with a garden hose or in the machine on gentle cycle with a little liquid laundry soap. Lay flat to dry or drape over a straight surface such as a stone wall, if necessary, straighten out by hand, do not hang on a cloth line or the material will wrinkle and will take time to lay flat.

Can our PVC rugs be used in high traffic areas such as Hotels:
Yes, since the material is very durable and washable.

Do we ship international:
Yes. We ship worldwide Please contact the respective Customs Office about import tax and duty fees before placing an order. These fees vary greatly from Country to Country.

What is the lead time for an area rug of approx:
Example: 10’ x 14’ area rug
If in stock, between 1 - 3 weeks.
If out of stock, approx. 6 - 8 weeks. 

For Architects and Hotel Procurement / Hospitality Industry:
Please ask for our Data Safety Sheet which shows compliance with US and European Product Safety laws and Fire Rating Certificate

Who says things don't last? The oldest know tree on record, a spruce, stands in Sweden at 9950 years old... our rugs might not last as long but surely long enough for you to enjoy for a very long time....

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