German Beach Baskets....                  rest in total comfort....

A beach basket? What is a beach basket? If you have ever been to the German North or Baltic coast you will probably know the answer to this question and If not, then it's time to discover one of the peculiarities of German beach life.

A beach basket is not used for carrying things to the beach nor is it even a basket in the normal sense of the word.  in fact, it is a special beach chair that protects you from the sun, rain and wind. 

It's called a 'basket' because the first ones were made of wicker using the same techniques used for regular baskets. Today, they are made with man-made reeds, but they are still bound in the same way.

Because they spend their whole life outdoors, you can not use any natural braiding material. Decades of permanent change between sun and rain, wind and weather, require appropriate materials. Our plastic braided tape meets the strictest quality requirements. Only those materials are used that meet our stringent quality requirements in terms of light fastness, durability and durability."

The inside is always pretty, colorful and very comfortable. There are little, fold-out tables inside which you can use when eating your lunch. The 'roof', or hood, is flexible and can be folded back to let in lots of sun or pulled over tightly to shut out the wind and rain.
Enjoy a snooze in the warm summer weather by reclining and relax!

These fab lounging “baskets” are not just for the beach but for your patio around the pool or just as an outdoor lounging area!

The first beach baskets were built in the North German seaside town of Warnemünde more than a 120 years ago. The German basket-maker Wilhelm Bartelmann built the first one for a lady who was looking for a sheltered and comfortable place to sit on the beach. It was called a 'beach chair' and was a one-seater. 

MOCCA VINYL Lemon & White Stripes.jpg

KAMPEN Lemon & White - Mocca Webbing

MOCCA VINYL Beige & Cream Stripes.jpg
KAMPEN Beige & Cream - Mocca Webbing
KAMPEN Grey & White - Dk. Grey Webbing
GREY VINYL Green White & Stripes.jpg
KAMPEN Green & White - Beige Webbing
NATURAL VINYL White & Yellow Stripes.jpg

KAMPEN Orange & White - Natural Webbing

KAMPEN Beige & Cream - Dk. Grey Webbing
KAMPEN Grey & White - Lt. Grey Webbing
KAMPEN Aqua & Cyan - Lt. Grey Webbing


Vinyl Cover with pushbottons 

Has push buttons to quickly protect the cushions from uninvited guests such as

your Neighbor’s cat or critters while not in use for a short time.

Storm Cover 

Available Colors:

White, Blue, Green, Grey

Has 2 front zippers for easy handling

Rollers for easy moving      Ideal for hard surfaces and easily moves the Beach Basket
Basket Lift 

Works like a car seat lift.

Moves the basket with ease in many angels from straight up to horizontal so you can enjoy a nap in the warm weather

Neck Rolls 

Come in Solid Color to complement cushion fabrics

Cocktail Table 

Measures 90 cm x 33 cm. Has a foldable leg and can be hinged on the side of the basket.

Perfect for your afternoon tea or drink

Foot Cushion
Small Throw Pillow

* The basket roof can be moved back manually 45 degrees for easy napping.

* All fittings are made of Rustfree stainless steel

* Included: 2 small folding tables, 2 arm rest and 2 hightadjustable foot rest

* Weight: Approx. 95 kg / 209 lbs

* Full width: 174 cm / 68"

* Seat width: 165 cm / 64"

* Total height: 155 cm / 61"

* Shipped in one piece, crated and sent by cargoship, lead time is approx. 12-16 weeks from Germany to Miami.

"Anyone who comes from Sylt, as a child is not placed in the cradle, but in the beach chair and grows up in a beach chair".