Vinyl Cover with pushbottons 

Has push buttons to quickly protect the cushions from uninvited guests such as

your Neighbor’s cat or critters while not in use for a short time.

Storm Cover 

Available Colors:

White, Blue, Green, Grey

Has 2 front zippers for easy handling

Rollers for easy moving      Ideal for hard surfaces and easily moves the Beach Basket
Basket Lift 

Works like a car seat lift.

Moves the basket with ease in many angels from straight up to horizontal so you can enjoy a nap in the warm weather

Neck Rolls 

Come in Solid Color to complement cushion fabrics

Heading 6
Cocktail Table 

Measures 90 cm x 33 cm. Has a foldable leg and can be hinged on the side of the basket.

Perfect for your afternoon tea or drink

Foot Cushion

Small Throw Pillow

* The basket roof can be moved back manually 45 degrees for easy napping.

* All fittings are made of Rustfree stainless steel

* Included: 2 small folding tables, 2 arm rest and 2 hightadjustable foot rest

* Weight: Approx. 95 kg / 209 lbs

* Full width: 174 cm / 68"

* Seat width: 165 cm / 64"

* Total height: 155 cm / 61"

* Shipped in one piece, crated and sent by cargoship, lead time is approx. 12-16 weeks from Germany to Miami.

"Anyone who comes from Sylt, as a child is not placed in the cradle, but in the beach chair and grows up in a beach chair".